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I Made this Page to Glorify God Not Me I Hope This Will Help Increase Your Faith and Help You Not Give up. HEALINGS come in different ways and at different times . some are immediately like the time my ear just open up for no reason it felt like it got bigger (usually my problem is my ears clogging up or closing) and it was painful and it was scary but some reason i didn't get scared i got out of my bed got on my knees and thank God for taking it away from me that's when i felt it close back up to normal that was an instant miracle !

God can also heal you at church i received a healing in church
i had problems with bladder infections in the past went to the doctor and everything was alright then one SUNDAY i was going to church was getting ready. washed my face brush teeth etc when i noticed i was bleeding again i was so scared i was crying i got on my knees and told God i cant take this anymore . mom knocks on the door tells me to get ready were leaving so i told my self i'm not going to worry about it I'm going to church to praise God . i walked in with a smile on my face and was more concerned about hearing the sermon and a lady there told me out of the blue God wanted me to tell you hes going to take care of you (can't remember the exact words but it was similar to that ) after the sermon was over usually people stand in line and preacher prays over them i never done this before (was kinda new to church and i never got in line before ) so the i went up there and when it was my turn the preacher looked at me a got one of the church ladies to touch my stomach i don't remember everything he was saying all i remember he said you told God you cant take this any more (my exact words i said when i was crying before i left my house !) then he said dry up and i felt like a shock in my body and the blood stopped. God knew was going to happen before i did and he healed me he was in control of the situation.

GOD even speaks to you sometimes when you need healing

when i couldn't walk I didn't know what was wrong all i know i was getting shooting pains in my foot in the middle of the night and i wanted to cry so bad from how bad the pain was but God spoke to me even though i wasn't expecting him to .he told me not to cry cause the devil wants me to . i couldn't walk on my leg for a few days and i was on crutches i hated it couldn't really do anything for my self went to a doctor who told me i would be on crutches most of my life i didn't believe him it was hard relying on other people trying to do stuff your self and your on crutches when i tried to put shoes on it killed me i couldn't even walk how bad it was and the doctor didn't help just put a bandage on my foot that made it worse. God told me to tell people i was healed even though i wasn't so i told people that I didn't even know i was on crutches . i told them i was and told them i was healed even though i wasn't the next day i could walk . praise God !!! I don't know how many months later but it came back in the middle of the night no one was up but me so all i know my foot was in pain and i didn't want to lay down i wanted to walk i still had my crutches from last time but didn't want to use them when i woke up i told my mom and tried to sleep off the pain when i woke up my mom was ready to take me to the emergency room to see what was going on so as I'm getting ready then God spoke to me he told me not to go to the doctor hes going to make me walk and told me to get out of bed so i did pain free !!! i threw out my crutches never need them again

God even uses doctors and medicine sometimes for healing

when i had heart problems i didn't want it i didn't know what was going on or why i was going through this .after 2 months of suffering and not telling any one losing weight from not eating from how bad the pain was and how fast my heart rate was i went to doctor first one though it was from not eating but the medicine they gave didn't work one doctor gave me muscle relaxers which really didn't help. i think it was the 3 or 4 doctor that finally gave me medicine that help but after a couple of years i didn't want to be on medicine and the doctors were giving me a hard time giving me the Medicine i take they didn't want to give it so i thought i just stop and god will take it away i quoted scriptures read bible prayed did everything i can do to get rid of it after 3 months of suffering in pain i told God please take this away from me and he told me go to the doctor and get your medicine when i went they weren't really going to give it but God made them give it. these were the same doctors that told me no that gave me my Medicine . i learned that God works through medicine and will always make away for you . God is the Great Physician he can do what doctors can't

having went to several doctors and them telling me the same thing they don't know whats wrong with my ears me having popping buzzing not able to hear on both ears i just put it in God hands he seen i couldn't get any help from the doctors they weren't able to help at all i found scriptures that had to do with healing and hearing mark 7:37 he make both the dear hear and the dumb to speak so . so with out doctors with out medicines my ears are healed all . thank God !!

so what have i learned from this God heals at different times different ways with out doctors and with doctors so what ever you going through know that Jesus is there in the mist of you helping you so don't give up have faith and keep believing proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. TODAY I'M 100% HEALED AND PAIN FREE BECAUSE OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST IS ON ME BECAUSE JESUS HAD MERCY AND COMPASSION ON AND BECAUSE OF HIS GRACE


HORRIBLE DOCTORS I went to a female doctor for a certain issue she seen the lump in my throat and told me that might be the cause of what's going on with me and that they need to draw fluid and shes going to refer me to someone , but for right now shes going to examine me and give me medicine . she leaves the room comes back so she can examine me which was very very painful for me and she gets mad stops walks out saying this was a waist and i didn't know if she was coming back because she didn't finish the exam .i didn't know if i should wait on her then i hear her telling the nurse "tell her she can leave now" as I'm leaving tells me i need to draw blood but she doesn't want to see me when i draw blood so i need to be here before she comes in.

i was so concerned about my health i didn't care how mean she was to me i just wanted help. I went back the next day to get blood work but it seem like the people working there didn't want to help.i ask the nurse if the person who does blood work in and being told no I waited I think an hour ask her again she tells me if she came in she would have know . waiting 3 hours and finding out she was there all that time and i had to go back there my self and look for the lady who does blood work and ask her to draw blood with no help from the nurses who were in their own world .they didn't even call me with my test results i had to call them and found out the samples they took they end up throwing away (the nurse told me this ) and didn't check for anything but i paid for this and she charged me for me for things she didn't even do how could she. she walked out. her nurse called me a few days after that saying the doctor told her to call me and ask how am i responding to the medication the doctor gave me. i told her what medicine ?? she gave me nothing. the nurse says she'll call back but never did .so stressed by this and didn't understand why this was going on with me or why they wouldn't help me.still wanting help .the referred doctor's nurse calls me to confirm my appointment and tell me that there going to do x-rays and a ultra sound on my throat. so my mother and me go to the doctor i was referred to about the lump in my throat they were supposed to take x-rays etc.i had a nice nurse ask me questions and my mother told her what horrible things the other doctor did to me (which you shouldn't do , never talk bad about a doctor to another that has referred you ).The nurse was in shocked by all this and said shes going to let the doctor know and the doctor should be in a few and we waited . when the doctor finally does come in shes mad slams the door and says WHOA!!! I CAN SEE THAT THING IN YOUR THROAT ALL THE WAY FROM HERE YOU HAVE CANCER !!. i was in shocked i didn't know what to say i couldn't even think right .all i was thinking why me god please help me she's telling my mother she wants to do a biopsy and remove it asap shes sure that's what it is she wants to do it next day,my mother tells her your scaring her cause as soon as you walk through the door your telling her she has cancer her voice gets louder and she yells YOUR SCARED !!! WHY ARE YOU SCARED ,SCARED OF WHAT! and gives me a disgusted look and turns to my mother and tells her when they should schedule the biopsy i cut in and say what about x-rays and the ultra sound cause that's why i came here she rolled her eyes at me and says of course i have to do that before biopsy but I'm not doing that today cause she didn't feel like it and shakes my hand and leaves ,but that's the whole reason why i went there for x-rays and ultra sound.she made me pay for a visit to tell me the next day well do x-rays cause she doesn't want to .so i went home i was so stressed out about this and scared i had that sick feeling in my stomach you get when your nervous that wouldn't go away i was so scared i couldn't even sleep. i went in a christian chat room that i go in for prayer they had a christian show on .feel asleep stressed n worried got up with that same feeling thinking maybe i should go back to this doctor and even if she is mean .who cares as long as she helps me. i herd gods voice telling me why would you go back to her knowing she didn't do the right things (she should of never try diagnose me without testing first). she had no proof .i kept praying knowing in faith he would help me and i kept praying that the lump would just go away on its own no biopsy no surgery no chemotherapy no radiation i kept praying in faith i kept thanking him in advance. i quoted scriptures .i was in the christian room even night and at the same time i was hurt by what the doctors did ,and why they didn't want to help me and i didn't understand why they were doing this to me . I told God this and gave it to him i didn't understand what was going on but i put my trust in him and I didn't want to go back to the doctors. my sisters kept calling my mother and me saying i need to go to the doctor for my throat but i didn't want to go. couldn't see my self going back to doctors i didn't trust them ,and i didn't want a biopsy it looked so pain full and part of me was still scared. 4 months later having bad sinus and ear pains my mother finds me a ear doctor a e.n.t(ears nose & throat)doctor when i go to the ear doctor for ear problem . the doctor wanted to know what the lump in my throat was. i didn't want to know . my mother and father told him what the other doctor said what it might be and that i was scared. he didn't get mad he didn't scream at me . he told me he wants to see what it is and do a ct scan . I had this lump in my throat all my life and no one ever bothered it so why now . i was scared and i was praying that i didn't have to do a biopsy i seen it on video and it scared me .the doctor he didn't let me have a biopsy thank GOD but he did make me run test a ct scan put some kind of dye in my arm.After having that done i felt so sick maybe from the stress or the radiation they gave me .i don't know but i didn't like what i was feeling waiting for the results was so stressful and having to be so patient for an answers i wanted to go somewhere and hide i couldn't take it i felt so much pressure on me and felt all alone. what i was going through,i didn't want to go through it. i told God if i have to keep having radiation i wont do it .my mom finally got the call from the doctor's nurse and was told its not cancer and he wants me to come in to talk to me . i was so relieved but when i got there he tells me and my family that he has to do surgery on my throat to remove the cyst he found on my throat and was patient and ask if we had any questions he knew i was scared. my family went and picked a date for surgery. i didn't want surgery. i didn't believe in surgery . i kept praying for the lump to disappear even when i was in the surgery room i was praying for god to remove it so i don't have to surgery